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Japan Matsuri 2016 London

Celebrating 125 years of Friendship!

japan-matsuri-2016Date: Sunday 25th September

Time: 10:00 – 20:00

Venue: Trafalgar Square

Admission: Free (no tickets)


London’s very own and much loved festival of Japanese culture – Japan Matsuri – returns this year on Sunday 25th September to Trafalgar Square, one of the capital’s most famous landmarks. Now in its 8th year and a regular fixture in the London calendar, this energetic annual event brings people together to enjoy an amazing day of Japanese food, music, dance and so much more. It’s a firm family favourite attracting large numbers of children and young people. And it’s absolutely free! This year Japan Matsuri has special appearances from a number of renowned Japanese performers, some of who will be appearing for the very first time in the UK. There will be a dynamic dance routine from the spectacular Aozasa Shishi Odori (deer dancers), who will make their UK début thanks to the generous support of the Japan Foundation. This year also sees the return of the extremely popular Radio Taiso musical exercise team that get thousands of people in Trafalgar Square to swing and stretch in unison, always an amazing sight. The unmissable Joji Hirota and the London Taiko Drummers will also captivate you with their mighty thunder drum sound while magician Taiju Fujiyama will dazzle you with traditional Japanese magic.

Bright 10am Kick Off

As in previous years, everything kicks off bright and early at 10am and the action runs nonstop all the way through until 8pm in the evening. With two stages, there is plenty to see all day with an exciting main stage programme and amazing displays of martial arts on the second stage. Swing to the beat of taiko drumming or sing along to catchy songs from popular artists like Naomi Suzuki on the main stage.

Celebrating 125 years of Friendship

This year Japan Matsuri is celebrating the 125th anniversary since the founding of the Japan Society, an organization which promotes friendship and understanding between the UK and Japan.Japan Matsuri is a charity and organized by volunteers from the Japan Association in the UK, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK, the Japan Society and the Nippon Club.


They’re back! The popular stars of Japan’s legendary national TV exercise programmes, Radio Taiso (literally ‘radio exercises’), return to Japan Matsuri to put you through your paces with some gentle warm-up routines.




For the first time in the United Kingdom, Aozasa Shishi Odori brings to Japan Matsuri the mystery of the timeless dance rituals of the gods from the mountains of north-eastern Japan.Shishi-odori (deer dancing) has been passed down through the generations for hundreds of years and is still regularly performed by members of various local communities and taught in the local schools.


International award-winning Japanese Tezuma magician Fujiyama Taiju conjures up a taste old Edo-period magic in London. Stage magic performances have long been a tradition in Japan and Tezuma – the name alluding to lightening quick sleight of hand – has enchanted Japanese audiences with a combination of illusion, dance, storytelling and music for centuries. Get ready to be amazed!




Nihon buyō is a refined dance that has been improved throughout four centuries. There are four influences on Nihon buyō, KABUKI BUYO, NOH, FOLK DANCE and the last influence comes from the mixture of European and American culture that is found in Japan today.

Joji Hirota and The London Taiko Drummers

“The mighty thunder of huge taiko drums. Intricate and fascinating rhythms and soundscapes take us from traditional rhythms into melodic drumming.”

Naomi Suzuki

Naomi is a UK-based multi-talent and the “most well known Japanese singer in the UK”, has been the host of Japan Matsuri since the first event 8 years ago. Naomi will sing Western Rock & Roll! Including songs from Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Spiders with collaboration work by KANFU-style “nunchaku”(choreographed by Katsumi Sakakura) . Let’s pray for world peace.


Naomi Suzuki

沖縄三線会London Okinawa Sanshinkai is a multinational group that shares a love of music from Okinawa and the surrounding Ryukyu islands. Members range from young children and teenagers through to adults.


For more information about Japan Matsuri 2016 organised by Japan Matsuri Committee, please visit: http://www.japanmatsuri.com

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