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Mini Tea Event and Free Tea Tasting Promotions at Minamoto Strand Store London

Sample some of the best high quality Japanese teas available in the UK!

minamoto-the-strandVenue: Minamoto Kitchoan Japanese Confectionery shop, 448 Strand, London, WC2R 0QU (Just opposite Charing Cross BR Station)

Date: Friday, 10th February 2017

Time: 14:00 hrs. -19:00 hrs. (Please just pop in anytime during the event hours)

Admission: Free

Website: www.kitchoan.co.uk  

Wagashi (Japanese confectionary) specialist and friend of Diverse Japan, Minamoto Kitchoan, is pleased to announce that the first of its Monthly Mini Tea Event/Free Tea Tasting Promotion hosted by ES Food Trading Ltd (UK-based Japanese Tea distributor and  promoter), at its new branch in STRAND, which opened its doors in October 2016, will take place on Friday 10th February.

Please pop along with your friends/family to taste a variety of fabulous teas and mouth watering seasonal confectionery from Japan. You’ll be so glad you did.

Japanese tea

High quality Japanese tea you can expect to find at Minamoto Kitchoan Strand Store, London

A word from Minamoto Kitchoan:

‘Japanese-style sweets “Wagashi” brings traditional culture and beauty and mind. We, Minamoto Kitchoan want to be a bridge of the Japanese culture for every country. We deliver the Japanese-Style confectionery to bring joy and harmony for all four seasons.’

About Wagashi:

Wagashi make a wonderful compliment to Japanese tea!

Wagashi are delicious traditional Japanese confectionaries that embody the four seasons and masterfully fashioned by artisans – a skill that has been passed on from generation to generation – to represent various motifs of nature and come in all colours and shapes and are a feast for the eyes as they are for [continue reading]

Wagashi selection

Wagashi (Japanese confectionary)

About ES Food Trading:

ES Food Trading is a Japanese Tea distributor and  promoter. Its aim is to introduce only the very best authentic  true Japanese teas grown only in the most famous tea producing provinces of  Japan. The company also promotes Japanese tea  culture and Japanese tea philosophy. It is the only company outside Japan supplying these premier teas to UK buyers. Its range of teas are available at selected stores throughout London, including Minamoto Kitchoan 44 Piccadilly, London W1J 0DS .

For more information about ES Food Trading and its products and services please visitwww.esfoodtrading.co.uk

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  1. February 20, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    o God..just missed the event…i read this article late unfortunatily but will definately try to come in future for sure,,,i am addicted to fod and especially tasty tea


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