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June 2017 Tea Tasting Event At Minamoto London

Sample some of the best high quality Japanese teas available in the UK!

Japanese teaVenue: Minamoto Kitchoan 44 Piccadilly, London

Date: 24th June 2017

Time: 14.00– 18.30

Admission: FREE

UK Japanese tea supplier/distributor/promoter ES Food Trading, founded by DJ’s good friend Eiko Stains, will be holding a FREE tea tasting event at the wagashi (Japanese confectionary) outletMinamoto Kitchoan on Saturday 24th June serving some of the best high quality Japanese teas available for you to sample and enjoy.

Tea specialist Eiko will be demonstrating the proper way to prepare, drink and enjoy Japanese tea as an everyday beverage which also includes a simplified way of enjoying matcha (powdered tea) without the concerns and formalities of the ritualistic tea ceremony. But more importantly, it’s a great chance for you to try a range of premier teas made available outside Japan exclusively by ES Food Trading.


*** 期間限定有機新茶到着

        Limited seasonal Organic SHINCHA Oh-hashiri 新茶大走り(2017’s 1st crop Sencha) in stock***

 *** SPRING to EARY SUMMER  Limited period only.


 *** Refreshing COLD green teas and matcha drink for Summer Season.

 * Tea temperature indicator also now in stock.

 * Organic Eco-farmed Tea ranges from Kagoshima, Chiran tea province.

 * The world famous Marukyu Koyamaen-Matcha ranges ( Kinrin, Aoarashi) since 1688 from Kyoto Uji province.

 *Special Matcha Range from Omote-Sen-Ke (The Main Tea House of Sen no Rikyu), Fushin-an use

  Kissho 吉祥 (Auspicious) 20g ー薄茶Usucha, 表千家, 不審庵 使用

 * Kyoto Chanoka Amacha-Sweet BUDDHA Tea for your diet and wellbeing.

 *Award winning ,Kyoto Uji Gyokuro-white tea in packet or in Yuzen Patterned canister or tea bags for your choice.

 *Easy to use tasty Kagoshima-Chiran,Nuriki Organic Eco-farmed =Sencha in Tea Bags for Hot/Cold Tea.

 *The special Tea Tools….they are fabulous masterpieces by MASTER CRAFTMEN; Kizo NAKATA,

  Chasyaku-bamboo tea scoop, Chasen-bamboo matcha mixer.

 *Hand made Matcha Bowls and high quality Natsume Jars (traditional matcha powder caddy).


About ES Food Trading:

ES Food Trading is a Japanese Tea distributor and  promoter. Its aim is to introduce only the very best authentic  true Japanese teas grown only in the most famous tea producing provinces of  Japan. The company also promotes Japanese tea  culture and Japanese tea philosophy. It is the only company outside Japan supplying these premier teas to UK buyers. Its range of teas are available at selected stores throughout London, including Minamoto Kitchoan 44 Piccadilly, London W1J 0DS .

For more information about ES Food Trading and its products and services please visitwww.esfoodtrading.co.uk

If you would like to be added to the ES Food Trading mailing list and kept informed of future products and up and coming events, please email Eiko Staines at esfoodtrading@gmail.com

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