Arts & Crafts

Gen Miyamura – Contemporary Calligrapher

Film & Televeision

Anthony Laurent – Actor

Hiro Masuda – Actor/Writer/Producer

Nao Nagasawa – Actress/Singer/Idol

Miki Satoshi – Director

Rina Takeda – Action Star/Idol

Martial Arts

Anthony CumminsAuthor/Historian

Maki Tsukada – Olympic & World judo champion

Minoru Kanetsuka – Sensei 7th Dan British Aikido Federation


Ai Takekawa – J-Pop Singer/Songwriter/J-Melo Reporter

May J – J-Pop Singer/Songwriter/J-Melo Presenter

Mio Himemiya – J-Pop Singer/Songwriter/Voice Actress

Shonen Knife – Influencial All-Female Rock Band

Yukihide Takekawa – Singer/Songwriter/Godiego Frontman

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