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NEO Magazine issue 103 Profiles Actress/Singer Meiko Kaji (Lady Snowblood) OUT NOW!

October 18, 2012 1 comment

The UK’s only Asian pop culture magazine, covering anime, manga, movies, music, cosplay and more!

To coincide with the recent UK Blu-ray release of the fantastic 70’s Japanese cult favourite Lady Snowblood I & II, the latest issue of NEO magazine includes a full-page profile on leading actress and singer, Meiko Kaji. Also…

The UK’s longest running Asian pop culture magazine thinks it may have found the year’s best new Read more…

DVD Review: Bleach – Season 9 Part 2 (Episodes 179-189)

July 25, 2012 3 comments

Back to Las Noches! The Battle Against The Arrancar Continues…

Bleach: Seaon 9 Part 2 features a host of new characters created for the anime series as part of the filler arc.  For those who don’t know about filler arcs they are a phenomenon that popular anime series suffer from when they catch up to the story in the manga series they are taken from.

The new characters in this arc are Rurichiyo Kasumioji, a young girl and the heir to the Kasumioji clan; her attendants, two shinigami Kenryu and Enryu; And Kumoi, one of the clans’ leaders.  These characters are supplemented by two other characters that seem at first Read more…

DVD Review: Bleach Series 8 Part 2

July 9, 2012 2 comments

Includes episodes 160 – 167

As Part 1 introduced us to the various enemies Ichigo, Chad, Rukia, Uryu and Renji had to defeat, Part 2 sheds light on whom the Espada are and why they are fighting for Lord Aizen. Each Espada is a formidable enemy who tests the heroes to the maximum. This provides lots of entertainment as it is easy to get into their minds and how they work.

The first few episodes concentrate on Rukia as she has met Aaroniero, an Espada who has a history originally as a Hollow altered by Aizen. In an earlier season of Bleach, he was the Hollow who attacked Read more…