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Oshima Sakura – Rare High Quality Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea – Competition Now Closed And The Winners Are…

10 winners have been randomly selected from a hat!

Japanese Sakura Herbal Tea croppedThanks to everyone who entered the competition to win a packet of Oshima Sakura Tea – A Rare High Quality Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea.

10 winners have been selected.

And the winners are… Read more…

Book Review: The Cherry Blossom Murder – A Josie Clark In Japan Mystery

September 29, 2014 Leave a comment

First in a series of books set in Tokyo!

cherry-blossom-murderIn popular manga and anime Tokyo Babylon, there is a character called Seishiro Sakurazuka who is a dangerous onmyoji posing as a friendly vet. He kills his enemies and buries their bodies under a huge cherry tree; in fact it is the only cherry tree that bears deep red blossom and even redder fruit. In The Cherry Blossom Murder, Londoner, Josie discovers a body under the cherry blossom and goes in search of the killer.

Josie enjoys all the pomp and circumstance of Tammy Izumo’s Tea Party, but doesn’t quite fit into Japanese society. She is a friendly sort, but Read more…