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DVD Review: Clannad After Story Part One

October 26, 2012 1 comment

3-disc set

It is near the end of summer, and everyone has to think hard on what they want to do when they leave school. Tomoya has no clue what he wants to do when he grows up, let alone when he leaves school and as a detour for his hard decision, Tomoya has been asked by his girlfriend’s dad, Akio to sort out a baseball team to beat his rivals, or he might not be able to show his face to his teammates again. Tomoya doesn’t know much about baseball as a sport, but he has to recruit team members even though he only knows his close friends Read more…

NEO Issue #102 OUT NOW Featuring Yoshihiro Nishimura – Exclusive Cover Page The GazettE

September 10, 2012 3 comments

On sale from 6th September 2012! 

Ruki, the vocalist behind Japan’s phenomenal rock outfit the GazettE, becomes the first musician to ever feature on the cover of the UK’s longest running Asian pop culture publication, NEO magazine! Its 102nd issue, out now, celebrates the release of the band’s latest album DIVISION – their first under a British label – and is joined by an exclusive six-page feature on the group tipped to ignite a music revolution across Read more…

DVD Review: Clannad Series One Part Two Episodes 13 -24

August 19, 2012 2 comments

[Warning: May contain spoilers for Clannad: Series One, Part One]

Clannad Series 1 Part 2 continues to follow the life of Tomoya Okazaki and his developing relationships with a group of socially outcast and quirky girls who he has befriended through his initial relationship with Nagisa Furukawa. Nagisa continues to work for the development of the Drama Club with her new found friends and, as the series comes to a satisfying conclusion, we learn the shocking truths behind hers and Kotomi Ichinose’s parents and their secrets.

After the overly dramatic introduction with Series One Part One, Part Two promises the subtlety and emotional development that Read more…

NEO’s Profile Series Continues With Maverick Filmmaker Sion Sono

June 15, 2012 7 comments

NEO magazine issue 99 on sale from 14th June 2012!

In the latest edition of NEO’s profile series, Diverse Japan’s creator and administrator, Spencer Lloyd Peet, focuses on controversial film director Sion Sono, best known for his films Cold Fish, Guilty of Romance, and his latest release, Himizu. Other exciting features in issue 99 include:

NEO MAGAZINE PREPARES for a sizzling summer as Manga’s hit series Spice and Wolf graces the Read more…

DVD Review: Clannad Series One, Part One

June 8, 2012 6 comments

Rumours run rampant through the school of a ‘ghost’ or spirit who haunts the halls!

Clannad focuses on the life of Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent third year high school student who often skips class due to his resentment of school-life since an injury took away his chances to play basketball. Whilst walking home from school he meets Nagisa Furukawa, who is a year older than him but has to repeat a school year due to her ill health the previous year. They soon become close friends and Tomoya helps her gain acceptance with her new class and soon creates a close knit group of students who Read more…