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Zipangu Fest Announces The Full Line Up Of Its 2012 Programme

August 23, 2012 2 comments

Japanese film festival in London

14 – 16 September 2012

Re-scored silent classics, animation, experimental, and Brazilians in Japan.

Japanese film festival moves to Read more…

Japanese Cinema For Busy People – Part 3

June 1, 2012 4 comments

It’s FREE and you can attend as many or as few talks as you like!

Looking to expand your knowledge on Japanese cinema? The Japan Foundation is inviting those fascinated by all things cinema, or all things Japanese, to join the third series of Japanese Cinema for Busy People.

Whether you are a dedicated cineaste or a casual moviegoer, all are welcome to join and enjoy! Experts in the field will Read more…

DVD Review: Tekken – Blood Vengence

February 5, 2012 8 comments

The animation style and fight scenes are reminiscent of the Tekken games!

Tekken – Blood Vengeance is a CGI animated Sci-Fi Martial Arts action movie based on the Tekken series of video games and features all of the main characters that fans of the franchise will instantly recognise.

Rival Corporations Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation employ sisters and deadly rival professional assassins Nina and Anna Williams in the search for the carrier of the mysterious Read more…

DVD Review: Ganz 2: Perfect Answer

February 5, 2012 6 comments

Release date: 6th February 2012

Gantz is based on the hit manga series created by Hiroya Oku and here we have the second part of the film version. To recap, in the first film, we saw two former friends, Kurono and Kato, reunite and then they find themselves staring down an oncoming train. They wake up in an apartment with a mysterious, all knowing large black ball calling itself Gantz. Gantz informs them they can earn their life back by killing aliens in ‘games’.  And accumulating the magic 100 points needed to either wipe their memory and be set free or resurrect a fellow alien killer. The film ended with the death of Kato Read more…