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DVD Review: Needless Part 1 Episodes 1-12

February 20, 2013 1 comment

An anime series about a group of post-holocaust survivors with extraordinary powers!

Needless Part 1 DVD coverIt is the year 2130, 50 years after the catastrophic events of World War III. Where Tokyo once stood, there is now a nuclear contaminated hole full of rubble and destruction, known as ‘The Black Spot’. Now populated by refugees and outcasts, many of The Black Spot’s inhabitants have developed special powers ranging from telekinesis to super strength, speed and even transmutation. These powers are known as ‘fragments’ and the people who wield them known as the ‘Needless’. Read more…

DVD Review: Princess Resurrection Complete Series Collection

December 1, 2012 3 comments

A supernatural mystery/comedy with werewolves, beautiful vampires, grotesque flesh-eating Cthulhu-esque monsters!

Princess RessurectionHiro Hiyorimi has been invited to live with his older sister, who has taken a job as a maid for a mysterious Princess. On his way to meet with his sister he encounters a young woman in the street just as she is about to get into a serious accident. Sacrificing himself to save the life of this woman he has never met, Hiro is killed and taken to the local mortuary. The woman is actually the supernatural Princess who Hiro’s sister has been working for and he is blessed with magical powers of regeneration and ressurrection. Struck by Hiro’s heroism, but also the needlessness of his sacrifice due to her Read more…