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Blu-ray Review: Yatterman – A Film By Takashi Miike

August 4, 2012 1 comment

A live-action adaptation of the classic wacky 1970s anime!

With Yatterman, director Takashi Miike does a Robert Rodriguez and moves from action/thriller to high-energy kids adventure… sort of. Yatterman (2009) is a live-action adaptation of an anime with the same name from 1977-79 (the second instalment of Tatsunoko Productions’ ‘Time Bokan’ series). The film apes the series’ weekly format by presenting the plot as just one week’s adventure. Takashi Miike drops us slap bang in the middle of the Yatterman universe with no guide, and no explanations. A brave move when considering the international audience for this film, most of whom Read more…