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NEO’s Profile Series Continues With Video Game & Anime Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi

NEO magazine issue 98 on sale from 17th May 2012!

In the latest edition of NEO’s profile series, Diverse Japan’s creator and administrator, Spencer Lloyd Peet, focuses on video game and anime extraordinaire, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, best known for his involvement with the Resident Evil franchise. Other exciting features in issue 98 include:

THE UK’S ANIME, manga and Asian pop culture magazine is going super saiyan over the release of Dragon Ball Z this summer.

The classic 90s anime not only leaps on to the cover of the latest issue, but is also accompanied by an exclusive, in-depth feature on the series; including a guide to its extensive cast, an overview of the franchise and an A4 poster to celebrate its long awaited arrival on DVD!

NEO also delves head first into the world of the MCM Expo, revealing both NEO’s and other companies’ plans for the event taking over London at the end of May, as well as details on NEO’s Saturday night afterparty! Avid shoppers can also take advantage of generous money off vouchers, including 50% off at VIZ Media’s stand at the comic con.

Anime is always a key ingredient to NEO, and this issue is no different. Get up to speed with what’s hot in Japan right now with previews of

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, and the post-apocalyptic Ozma. Examine some of sci-fi’s hottest babes in Matt Kamen’s feature on Kiddy Grade, grab a tissue for Clannad, and see if you agree with the NEO team as they review DBZ, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society, Fairy Tale: Part 2, Mardock Scramble and more. Plus a further Baka and Test poster!

Asian film fans best knuckle up as David West interviews Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais on one of the most action packed films to ever come out of Indonesia;

The Raid. Fans of Japanese cult zombie fest Versus will be pleased to see its main actor Tak Sakaguchi return with writer Yudai Yamaguchi for the equally crazy Yakuza Weapon, reviewed alongside the critically acclaimed Mitsuko Delivers, War of Arrows and Yakuza Hunters: The Revenge Duel in Hell.

Resident music specialist Tom Smith examines the latest music charts from Japan while also serving up UK specific music news, including An Cafe’s reunion and European tour. Plus an exclusive look at live houses in Shibuya and how the Japanese live music experience differs greatly to that at home.

Plus tips to improve your manga skills, Popi Atom’s fashion tutorial on how to achieve the platform sneaker look this summer and NEO’s brand new cosplay feature and much, much more!

NEO #98 is out at all good magazine stockists from Thursday 17 May, priced at £4.25, or available for £2.99 digitally.

NEO #98 on sale from Thursday 17 May 2012

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