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NEO Magazine Issue 101 Out Now! Featuring High Kick Girl Rina Takeda and Director Shinya Tsukamoto

On sale from 10th August!

Fresh from celebrating its 100th issue, NEO magazine returns with batch 101, packing a double cover; Blue Exorcist on one-side, with a full-length feature on the school-based hell raiser; and Tales of Graces f, as the publication explores the vast history behind the hit Japanese RPG franchise.

That’s not all! This month’s profile series focuses on Karate Girl and Dead Sushi star Rina Takeda. Also Tale of publisher Namco Bandai has teamed up with NEO to include a free mini-mag, showing off the fantastic cosplay, fan-art and short stories created from various community projects, as well as words from series producer Hideo Baba. Don’t miss it – only in NEO!

If that’s not enough to get the average Japanese pop-culture fan excited, NEO also takes a look at the hottest new anime currently rocking the airwaves of Japan; Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and Jourmungand – a series just licensed by Manga Entertainment! Plus; don’t miss all the exciting acquisitions revealed by the company at the recent Manchester MCM Expo.

What happens when the legendary Studio Ghibli create a game with top-tier developer Level 5? Magic! Find out exactly how much magic in a four-page preview of Ni no Kuni, the video game tipped to send anime fans bonkers next year.

There’s also an exclusive interview with cute pop-rockers An Cafe, as the group prepare to return to London this November. And NEO talks to controversial director Shinya Tsukamoto, the man behind such films as Tokyo Fist, Nightmare Detective and Kotoko.

And that’s not forgetting NEO’s man in Japan, Daniel Robson, as he shares the joys of Tokyo Engrish, nor manga guru Jonathon Clements’ examination of Aloha Higa’s struggle with publishers, or Popi’s guide on how to create the perfect fairy kei look. There’s even Hayden Scott-Baron’s tutorial on how to bring your manga creations to life in the monthly Manga School section.

PLUS: loads of the latest reviews, including Blue Exorcist, .hack//QUANTUM, Clannad 1:2, Punch Up!, The Raid, Black Butler 2, Kitchen Princess, Kotoko, White Vengeance, Desire to Kill, Squid Girl and Planzet!

Not bad for a mere £4.25 at your local magazine stockist, or £2.99 direct to your mobile, PC or tablet device! 

Sleeve 1

Sleeve 2

About NEO:
NEO magazine is the UK’s only Asian pop culture magazine, covering anime, manga, Asian movies, music, cosplay and more.

Released every four weeks, the magazine is on sale from all good newsagents, WHSmiths and branches of Tesco.

Visit www.neomag.co.uk for more information, or check out its Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/neomagazineuk

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