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NHK World TV Autumn Technology Programming Schedule

Robot-led exercise classes for the elderly, unmanned aviation for disaster monitoring and badminton-playing robots!  

NHK World LogoNHK WORLD TV, the 24-hour international English language channel produced by Japan’s public service broadcaster NHK, announces its autumn technology programming schedule showcasing pioneering medical robots to assist in elderly care, cutting-edge advances in unmanned aviation technology and a badminton-playing robot contest.

The 24-hour news and lifestyle network showcases everything Japanese – from culture to news on the hour and a programming schedule that covers subjects from art and travel, to cookery and technology.

The Japanese are leading innovators in the world of science and technology – the inventors of video and digital cameras, the walkman, CDs, DVDs, the pocket calculator to name but a few – and NHK WORLD TV’s technology output has a long standing tradition of highlighting scientific advances and breakthroughs and cutting-edge technological designs.

NHK WORLD TV’s autumn schedule will include a range of technology focused strands including: Medical Frontiers – exploring developments in Japanese medical technologies, Science View – showcasing advances in new technologies and Great Gear which reports on the latest products and gadgets developed with a uniquely Japanese twist.

Medical Frontiers: ‘Robotics Aid Recovery’

5th October at 16:30-17:00/22:30-23:00, 6th October at 4:30-5:00/10:30-11:00

NHK World TV - Robot leads an exercise class for the elderly

One week per month on Monday and Tuesday, Medical Frontiers explores developments in Japanese medical technologies.  With the world’s highest life expectancy, Japan, much like the UK, is now home to an aging population. Just as the UK, medical professionals and caregivers for the elderly are in short supply.  But in a country with a world class reputation as technological innovators, Japan has come up with an ingenious solution to support in elderly care – robots! A number of specially designed robots have been created that can help lead exercise classes and work with elderly people affected by paralysis.

Science View: ‘The Sky’s the limit: Cutting-edge unmanned Aircraft

6th October at 16:30-17:00/22:30-23:00, 7th October at 4:30-5:00/10:30-11:00

NHK World TV - Unmanned Aircraft

In Science View top Japanese scientists delve into the fascinating worlds of groundbreaking technology and the natural sciences. Following the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami, unmanned aircrafts have been designed to help monitor damage at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and assess the levels of remaining nuclear waste in the surrounding areas.  A Japanese company has also invented the world’s first crime prevention aircraft – the “flying surveillance robot” – that will film an intruder and transmit footage straight to the company’s control center manned by security personnel. Also available on VOD.

Great Gear: ‘Japan IT Week’

21st October at 16:30-17:00/22:30-23:00 22nd October at 4:30-5:00/10:30-11:00

This month, NHK WORLD TV’s technology show that reports on the latest products and gadgets developed with a uniquely Japanese twist reports from Japan IT Week. It’s the number one trade

show for Information Technology, showcasing everything from user devices to backbone architecture and the great gear that keeps our information secure and flowing freely. Also available on VOD.

ABU Robot Contest Badminton Robot–Game” Battle to be the world’s est!

31st October at 0:10-1:00/06:10-7:00/12:10-13:00/18:10-19:00

NHK World TV - ABU Robot Contest

The 14th annual ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest was held in the ancient city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on the 23rd of August this year. The international student competition featured unique hand-built racket-wielding robots battling it out in badminton matches.  The programme follows the teams, including students from Japan, Vietnam, and China.

NHK WORLD TV, which is available on Sky, Freesat, TVPlayer, Virgin Media and a dedicated app, reaches 290 million households in more than 150 countries and regions.

For more details: www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/tv/howto

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