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MOE: Maids Of England Press Launch Party!

The Maids of England Café is a fusion of Japanese and English maid & butler café.

The Maids of England developed their name from the Japanese word most popular with the kawaii generation in Japan: “Moe”. The word Moe means to be in bloom, or a burning desire and passion for someone, usually an anime character. It is a word that the Maids of England use for their identity, they feel that all their customers should be able to recognize the beauty in a MOE maid or butler blooming. (MOE press release)

Since December 2010, Japanese-style maid café events around London have become a regular attraction for many fans of Japanese pop culture, and have resulted in three separate maid units being created:  Oh My Lord! Catering, Maid Cafe, Maid Planet, and the newly formed M.O.E (Maids of England).

Diverse Japan was invited along to the press launch party for MOE, which took place in the Capital on Saturday 6 August at Café VN (www.cafevn.co.uk). Representing DJ that evening was James Fielding. This is his report:

M.O.E maids & butler (Photo ©Maids of England. All rights reserved)

Stating clearly that MOE is a fusion of Japanese and English maid and butler cafe, the unit incorporates the exceptional and distinguished beauty of both cultures. Although MOE is not a 100% Japanese Maid Cafe, it is more cross cultured and presents their fun unique take on the genre.

Although the café area was small, Cafe VN does have two levels which, I’ve been told, will be fully accessible during future events. The actual cafe serves Vietnamese food, but will also be doing a Maid Cafe menu of cupcakes & treats.

Maid Cassis & Maid Rini (Photo ©Maids of England. All rights reserved)

When I arrived, I was shown to my table by Maid Kimiko, who was my personal maid for the evening. It goes without saying; all the maids are very cute and pretty to look at. But it’s their personalities which is the fun part. All the maids introduced themselves and displayed their different personality traits. For example, Maid Cassis is the leader, Maid Suu is from a 2.5D world and Maid Ai was very shy; all playing their parts with a cute innocence.

As well as Maids, they also had Butlers for the “Ladies” who came. In Japan, it isn’t very common to have a mixed cafe of Maids & Butlers. The idea here is to entertain both Lords & Ladies at the same time who visit MOE. This also encourages more of a range of visitors to the events and can be quite entertaining to watch.

Maid Dance (Photo ©Diverse Japan. All rights reserved)

The evening itself was very enjoyable, with dance numbers and games played with between the customer and maids. I played a game of Jenga with Maid Kimiko, in which I lost. If I had won, I would have got a free cupcake. Maybe next time! However, the question was raised about what punishment the loser gets if he or she loses. This was only asked after I had played, so I had a lucky escape. For the Lord sitting next to me, he drank a cocktail of watered down chilli sauce, chocolate sauce, squid sauce, cream and sugar. Surely he should have been rewarded a free photo for drinking it! But it was all done in good fun and voluntarily by those involved. Plus I feel a little responsible, as I suggested it to Maid Kimiko. Thankfully I didn’t mention the idea of chewing food then regurgitating it back into his mouth, since she may have actually done it. Maid Kimiko is the more daring of all the Maids which I found quite fun and amusing. The dance numbers were very cute too and well rehearsed. Overall, it was a fun introductory event and everyone left with a smile on their face.

Maid Kimiko (Photo ©Diverse Japan. All rights reserved)

Please note: While photography is prohibited at the events, guests can buy a ticket to get a chekki. This is a Polaroid snapshot of the guest with a maid of their choice, the maid will then decorate the chekki with stickers and write a message for the guest.

The first official MOE event will be held on Saturday 3rd of September 2011 at the same location. More events are being planned to be held regularly every two or three months. For more information, visit the homepage at www.maidsofengland.com.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. MOE also offer a service outside of Cafe VN, where they attend events and conventions, be it a full cafe service or a simple bake sale. The maids will also be attending Ayacon on 19th – 22nd August and Fushicon on 18th – 20th November 2011.

Maid Ai (Photo ©Diverse Japan. All rights reserved)

Maid Suu (Photo ©Diverse Japan. All rights reserved)

About M.O.E:

MOE was originally inspired by the success of English styled maid cafes in Japan; especially the maid cafes located in Akihabara, Tokyo. But we have taken the purely service based idea and broadened it to be an entertainment experience. In most maid cafés the uniforms are the basic black and white French maid uniform. Our uniforms are vibrant and help with the role play aspect.

The MOE maids use role-playing to engage their audience, basing their characters on famous anime and manga stereotypes. Such as the “Tsundere” character trait: depicted as hostile in the beginning but warms up to you and does not want you to leave. Or the neko type; small and sweet but helplessly clueless! The aim being to being two dimensional characters to life, we call it 2.5D. Guests are able to choose which Maid or Butler they wish to serve them before being seated.

Maids of England (Photo ©Diverse Japan. All rights reserved)

Author profile:

James Fielding is an art collector, with an interest on Tokusatsu & Japanese Pop Culture.

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