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Golden Bomber Release Exclusive Album For The UK

Album: “The Golden Best for United Kingdom”

Golden Bomber is possibly Japan’s zaniest, craziest and most outrageous band in the country’s charts. Truly putting the ‘fabulous’ into fab four, this make-up wearing, hair-styling quartet secured all three of Japan’s biggest selling indie singles of last year, despite not always playing their instruments live. Now, the uniquely Japanese foursome has its sights on the British Isles as The Golden Best for United Kingdom now out in stores and from digital outlets.

 The ‘best of’ album collates an exclusive selection of tracks that span the visual rockers eight year career, and concludes with a very special English language version of ‘Memeshikute’, one of the group’s most popular singles, and one which became an internet sensation on Youtube and Nico Nico Douga. The original Japanese version of the song is also included.

Golden Bomber formed in 2004 with a focus on outrageous, hilarious stage antics combined with high-quality, high-energy songs. Since then, the outfit has relentlessly toured Japan, bringing its wacky live shows to all 47 prefectures, had its music featured in the PlayStation 2 game Skip Beat (based on the anime and manga of the same name, by Yoshiki Nakamura), and even filmed its own madcap movie Sorinokoshita Natsu.

The Golden Best for United Kingdom is amongst six ‘best of’ albums released internationally. The USA, France, Germany, Taiwan and Korea also get their own exclusive albums with unique artwork and tracklistings. The physical version for the UK also includes a special English language message from the band, as well as the English language music video to ‘Memeshikute’.


Artist Name: Golden Bomber

Album Title: The Golden Best for United Kingdom

Distributor: ADA Global

Formats: CD / digital RRP: CD: £11.99, digital: £5.99

Release date: 23rd July 2012


01. Yowasete Mojito

02. Torauma Kyabajou

03. Memeshikute

04. Sayonara Fuyumi -Euro Mix-

05. Jirettai

06. Doku Gumo Onna (Moemoe Hen)

07. Fudanshi

08. Tomorrow never world

09. Earphone

10. Motokare Korosu

11. The V Keippoi Kyoku

12. Haruga Kurumaeni

13. Memeshikute (English Version)

Special Features:

CD version contains an English language message from the band, and the English language music video to ‘Memeshikute’.

Band Members:

Sho Kiryuin (Vocals)

Yutaka Kyan (Guiar)

Jun Utahiroba (Bass)

Kenji Darvish (Drums)

Homepage: http://sound.jp/g_b/1.html

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